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Justin (Gage)

I run Technically, among other things. The other things (toggle all):


I work on growth at Retool, a startup that helps engineers build better internal tools, faster.

Some things I have spent (and spend) time on:

  • SEO - ranking for organic keywords that engineers search for when building internal tools
  • Data modeling and engineering - building a warehouse for easy analysis via DBT and BigQuery
  • Product - making the new user experience really good for specific integrations
  • Documentation - explaining the product and helping users figure out their (niche) problems

I (unfortunately) don't get referral bonuses, but Retool is hiring.


I invest in early stage startups building tools for engineering and data teams.

Some companies that have taken my money:

  • RoomService - an SDK for building multiplayer into your apps
  • Hex - a tool to turn your Jupyter notebooks into interactive apps
  • WorkOS - SDKs for adding enterprise ready features like SSO to your app
  • Iggy - a suite of APIs that provide clean, useful location data to your app
  • Railway - infrastructure as code, with a single environment across local and remote
  • Roboflow - tools for cleaning and augmenting the images in your CV pipelines
  • Prefect - a Python based general purpose workflow orchestrator
  • (coming soon) an open source Firebase alternative built on Postgres
  • (coming soon) an open source framework for deploying Machine Learning models

I help companies think about how to explain themselves and write interesting, valuable content for technical audiences.

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I've been playing guitar for around 6 years (if you skip the off years).

Current collection:

  • The Mary Kaye - a 1989 '62 Reissue MIA Mary Kaye Stratocaster (Rosewood)
  • The Japanman - a 1987 '68 Reissue MIJ Stratocaster (Maple)
  • The PRS - a 2016 PRS Custom 24
  • The Acoustic - a 2012 Taylor 214

I play mostly blues / whatever you call John Mayer's style / things that involve your thumb. Am lead guy.


I collect Common Projects and write about sneakers and how they sell.

A few of my pieces for StockX:

I'm not actively writing about this stuff anymore but I am thinking about it!